The Six Theta® Green Belt is the first certification level in the Six Theta® certification program.

The Six Theta® Green Belt training will provide a general understanding of the overall Six Theta® methodology, tools and processes and how it can be applied to analyse and improve existing designs. The training will enable the engineer to design more robust components and contribute constructively to the organisation’s change towards new design principles and more robust products.

The Six Theta® Green Belt training is a pre-requisite for achieving higher order belts within the Six Theta® methodology.


After the course the engineer will be able to:

  • Define the robustness of existing products by executing a baseline analysis
  • Calculate and communicate the robustness score by using the Six Theta® Design Weakness Index
  • Use the Six Theta® design principles to improve the robustness of component interfaces
  • Use the Six Theta® Design Weakness Index to select the most robust design of several competing interface layouts


The Six Theta® Green Belt training is aimed primarily at product developers who wants to get more proficient at designing (development engineers, designers and draftsmen, lead engineers, chief engineers, integrations engineers).

Secondarily the training is also relevant to employees working with other aspects of product development (representatives from QA, representatives from standardization team).


  • Online training via Microsoft Teams.
  • A mix of theory, examples and cases.
  • Participant involvement is secured by quizzes, polls and word clouds
  • Duration: four sessions of three hours each
  • Participants: 30 persons