We support organisations by offering our proprietary Six Theta® design for achieving unambiguous engineering design of portfolios, products and components.

The impacts of Six Theta® include reduced development time, a higher innovation height and reduced production costs. In addition, in-market performance of products will be less vulnerable to changes in ambient conditions.

Our mindset is that, before going into detailed design, we should be able to predict how our solution will perform in tests and in the hands of the end user.

Our offerings fall into three categories:

  • Six Theta® project assistance – support of organisations for product improvements, quality and cost reduction
  • Six Theta® certification – Six Theta® training programmes with associated certifications for both small and large organisations
  • Six Theta® product development – development of new products and technologies, including patent applications

We join your team

Project assistance

We typically find approximately 15 design flaws per component when analysing a design. And we should always strive for perfection. We will join your team and assist you on how to reach Six Theta® compliance

Project assistance

We help determine the baseline of your current design and improve the design by implementing Six Theta® to remove any identified design weaknesses. In other words, we assist you in achieving a better design after analysing your existing one.

When troubleshooting a design, we start by identifying the design weaknesses and design improvement areas. We carry out quantification and ranking of design quality according to the Six Theta® Weakness Index, and we do a quantification of improvement and cost savings potentials.

When beginning the Six Theta® improvement of the design, we eliminate the identified design weaknesses in your existing design to improve it and achieve a lower manufacturing cost and longer lifetime. We improve your design to achieve reduced sensitivity to changes in ambient conditions.

We offer:

  • Six Theta® assistance at your location in the period you wish for
  • Assistance with troublesome developments
  • A permanent or part-time Six Theta® engineer on a specific project
  • Co-creation of new compliant solutions

We educate your staff


We believe that creativity and innovation come from having the right tools. A Six Theta® certification offers these tools to enable your engineers to improve the mechanical design and free resources for innovation


In today’s competitive world, a key agenda for most companies is how to stretch quality even further and launch products quickly at a lower cost.

Most engineers are pressured by these demands, and many are hesitant to change anything about the existing feasible design to not exceed budgets. This limits the organisation’s ability to innovate new products.

Organisations can achieve the full potential of Six Theta® by certifying engineers and designers to enable them to create Six Theta®-compliant designs themselves.

We offer:

  • Six Theta® certification programmes at your location with associated certifications at different levels for both small and large organisations
  • Lighthouse cases from your own company illustrating Six Theta® with relevant examples
  • Implementation support and coaching
  • Standardised or company-specific training programmes

We create robust products

Product development

Where there is a need in the market, we are ready to create robust new products using Six Theta® design. We have our own production and thus the ability to materialise Six Theta® design in-house

Product Development

It can be challenging to allocate resources to the development of products that are outside of the main product portfolio. But it may be a good investment in the long run. We help lighten the burden of both focusing on the primary operation and investing in the technology that you know you will benefit from in the future.

We have skilled engineers in Six Theta® design able to create robust and compliant products for you. We both make products on demand and create products at our own initiative when we identify a blind spot in the market.

When we have built a new product for your company, we will hand over the patents to you, and we also offer continuous support for the further development.

We offer:

  • Product development
  • Patent rights
  • Continuous support