Six Theta® began as a desire to achieve the ideal product engineering more than 10 years ago, and the toolbox has been continuously developed by Valcon ever since. We want to improve engineer competences and knowledge about good design, thereby facilitating a better development, production and user experience.

Our starting point in everything we do is based on a fundamental understanding of geometry and its behaviour. We know that a thorough and methodical approach with the right tools enables the best results and a far more efficient engineering process, which saves both time and money. We believe in predictability, traceability, measurability and controllability. And we want to teach others how to do it right first time.

By introducing Six Theta® to other companies, we have enabled engineers on an international scale to implement compliant design in their production. Our method makes the geometric design of components as simple as possible so they become more robust and resistant to frictions, pressure, temperature fluctuations and other over-constraints that may affect the functionality of the product.

Today, our client portfolio includes leading European companies within automotive, aerospace, defence, medical devices, consumer products, machine elements, energy, etc. Six Theta® has been tested on more than 500 different products and has proven applicable across industries, products and components. In addition, Six Theta® is a registered trademark.