Where and when: Berlin, 27-29 November

Valcon will participate in the 13th annual Supply Chain Management Strategies Summit in Berlin on 27-29 November.

Here, manufacturing leaders, supply chain leaders and innovators from across Europe discuss, share and learn about the latest technologies on offer and developments in lean, OpEx, disruptive supply chain management technologies and innovations. Valcon contributes with the innovative design methodology Six Theta.

Valcon has developed the Six Theta design methodology for making product design predictive. Six Theta began as a desire to achieve the ideal product engineering more than 10 years ago, and the design methodology has been continuously developed by Valcon ever since. Major companies have implemented and used the tool with great results.

Hear about “Six Theta from a supply chain perspective” presented by Valcon Senior Partner Stig Jessen together with Robust Design expert, Thomas J. Howard from Technical University of Denmark. Learn about the impacts of Six Theta and how it can help you design existing and future products in the right and predictable way.

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We will also participate at European Manufacturing Strategies Summit.

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