Steen is a very experienced consultant. He has worked as a consultant in a broad range of large and medium-sized companies and has several years of experience as manager. Steen works with leadership and organisational development, programme management, strategy and business transformations, and he draws on his comprehensive background as both consultant and manager. Steen has driven many programmes and projects at the executive level across major organisations, and he combines his business, technological and strategic insights with the solving of organisational and managerial tasks, and he is very committed, result-creating, people-oriented, intuitive and developing.

What do you think is the most interesting dilemma on the business agenda right now?
In my perception, it is to integrate business development and operations with the boost that recent years have proven comes from leadership. Leadership during change (and who doesn’t experience this?) and during building the competence of the leadership groups, vertical and horizontal.

What does The HOW mean to you?
To me, The HOW means the way you integrate the being of people and organisation into the purpose of the organisation. It’s not just surface talk, it’s substance.

I’m really inspired when I hear ordinary people and business leaders talk about and understand the synergies of connecting people on a contact level.

To me, Valcon means an extraordinary culture, supporting people burning to make footprints (change) in society via organisations to make it a better place.