Before starting as a consultant in Valcon in 2016, Simon has led strategy processes and organisational and process change projects in both leadership roles in the industry and for private clients as a consultant. Simon has in particular supported clients in responding to market changes, maximising commercial performance and improving financial performance through turnarounds and restructurings.

What do you think is the most interesting dilemma on the business agenda right now?
One of the main strategic topics I encounter is balancing financial demands for short-term optimisation of the business with strategic needs for long-term transformation of the business. We often find ourselves discussing how to respond to rapid developments in e.g. digitalisation, customer behaviour and automation technologies that change the competitive dynamics for our clients, whilst their investors maintain demand for continuous performance improvement. This requires companies to make difficult choices between ‘now’ and ‘future’ that are dilemmatic in nature.

I’m really inspired when I hear any entrepreneur who has tried and failed multiple times talk excitedly about about his or her idea. I get inspired by their resilience and willingness to learn from their experiences only to make them more likely to succeed in the future. All business leaders and companies in general can learn from this.

To me, Valcon is a hidden gem in the consulting world. I still get surprised sometimes by the level of expertise in this organisation, and I often wonder why this has not been broadcast more. But that’s the nature of this firm. There is a strong sense of intellectual pride in our deliveries that comes before marketing ourselves.