Henrik has almost 20 years of management consulting experience and, prior to that, ten years of line experience. Henrik is an experienced project manager and an expert on leading transformational changes. Henrik works equally well on the executive level and the operational level, and he applies his deep understanding of human dynamics during changes to any kind of content implementation whether it is strategy implementations, ERP implementations, operational excellence, process governance, mergers, etc.

The best advice someone ever gave to you?
To your own self be true.

What does The How mean to you?
It means that we guide organisations on their journey from strategy to operations. Unleashing the human potential is key to success in such a journey, and in Valcon we are experts in doing that – experts in The HOW.

I’m really inspired when I hear Dean Anderson talk about conscious change leadership.

To me, Valcon means my professional home: A high-performing consultancy company that you can trust to deliver lasting results with competence, integrity and joy.