Camilla works on constantly improving Valcon’s services and people to ensure that Valcon always delivers optimal value to our clients. Her focus is on strategy development and implementation with specific emphasis on aligning business and management processes as well as organisational design with strategy. Camilla is dedicated to leadership and is able to create an environment that facilitates development at both individual and group level.

What do you think is the most interesting dilemma on the business agenda right now?
Client connection – when you are helping to solve problems out there for the managers employed to create results and having to prove to their boards that changes can take place as agreed. Those managers need execution, and who is going to help them with that task? We can offer real people with real experience. We believe that the good consultant is the one who knows what it means to be sitting at the other side of the desk. A consultant who knows that the solution space holds all types of complexities. Problems are not easily solved, but solutions must be found no matter what. This awareness is one of the elements that differentiate Valcon.

I’m really inspired when I hear a teacher at a Harvard course talk about how management in a professional service firm is different from management in other types of companies. Management in a house such as ours require a different role. I truly believe that if we are to keep our Valcon core, it is important that we continue to focus on having the best management of any professional service firm and respecting the client’s reality.